True Mexican recipes
True Mexican recipes
Browse our recipe archive for some True Mexican™ dishes that are easy to prepare with our salsas.
The flavor you are looking for
The flavor you are looking for
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So many new possibilities
So many new possibilities
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Recipe archive

Beef “Cortadillo” – Mexican beef stew

Yield: Makes 4 servings Cortadillo (meaning “cut up”) is a really tasty northern Mexico stew that is traditionally served for lunch in small eateries and homes alike. It goes great in a plate as a main dish with some Mexican sides, or in tacos. INGREDIENTS 1 cup La Patrona Salsa Roja Norteña 1 cup La…

“Puchero” Beef And Vegetable Broth

Yield: 12 servings This beef and vegetable broth is a staple of northern Mexican cuisine. It is often served as an appetizer, but since it is so rich in flavor, can also be the main dish on the cooler months. INGREDIENTS: 1 lb. beef shank or foreshank, cut in 2” pieces 1 onion, cubed 3…

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